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Veterans Currently in Need

  • Mike F.

    Burial Costs

    We have a veteran’s widow in need of financial assistance to pay for the burial costs of her husband. He passed last week.

    He joined the Air Force on March 14, 1960, and did his BASIC in Amarillo, Texas.
    He was sent to Fussa, Japan to Yokota Air Base. At this base, he was an Aircraft Mechanic for 2 years. From here he made one trip into Vietnam.
    He was then transferred to Washington D.C., Andrews AFB. He was one of the first on-site at a terrible air disaster in West Virginia, Jan 13, 1964, Savage Mountain B-52 Crash. USAF dispatched a 35-man rescue team from Andrews AFB, Maryland. He was awarded Air Force Longevity Service Award. He was Honorably Discharged on March 13, 1964.

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  • Hal K.

    Plumbing and Minor Construction

    We have a veteran in need of 2 new windows and some plumbing at his home. He is elderly and unhealthy.

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  • Amanda J.

    Car for travel to work and Doctor.


    We have a Navy Veteran with a 16 month old and cancer who is in desperate need of a used, dependable car! If you have a car to donate please let me know! Or you can donate to help cover the costs.

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