HEVIN helped meet the needs of these Vets

Vetsgiving 2021

Vehicle Donations

Mission Accomplished

Another Need Met!

Christmas is saved, thanks to HEVIN!  

I had just started a new job, and on the very first day, my vehicle died on me, a day after I had gotten it out of the shop for what I thought would be an easy fix. After three weeks of back and forth in the shop, I finally have my vehicle back, thanks to HEVIN helping me pay for the repairs. Thank you so much, you guys definitely helped a veteran in need. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! 

– Sam S

Another Need Met!

Vehicle repairs handled on behalf of a local Vet.  

I’m a disabled vet and in December my vehicle had a major breakdown. I use my car for medical appointments, groceries, and getting propane and fuel for a generator which I depend on for heat and power. When I got the estimate it was way out of reach of my finances. The shop recommended I contact I did and they jumped right on it and took care of the bill. The response was timely, the staff and service were outstanding. I can’t thank them enough. If you need help, reach out angels are among us. 
– Casey L

Another Need Met!

We recently had a plumbing issue and HEVIN, with help from Cowlitz Electric and Vetter Plumbing, made sure it was fixed. We also appreciate the Vetsgiving dinners every year. Thank you HEVIN!  ~ Lori

Plumbing help needed.

Another Need Met!

Thank you to an ANONYMOUS, GENEROUS and AWESOME community member who donated a vehicle to this veteran family.

We have a veteran in need of a 7 passenger vehicle.  He is living in an RV with his family and working hard to provide for them.  They had a Suburban but it broke down so they traded it for a small car so that he could get to work and back. But they can’t go to church or anywhere else as a family now.

Another Need Met!

We were able to assist her with a portion of the burial costs, about $1,600.  She was appreciative of the assistance.  Thank you HEVIN.

Mike’s widow was in need of assistance with burial costs.  Mike was an Air Force Veteran.

Another Need Met!

HEVIN was able to help with the need for a vehicle and a portion of the insurance costs.

We have a Navy Veteran with a 16 month old and cancer who is in desperate need of a used and dependable car.  If you have a car to donate, please let me know.  Or you can donate to help cover the costs.

Another Need Met!

HEVIN was able to assist this veteran with his needs.

Plumbing and minor construction.  We have a veteran in need of 2 new windows and some plumbing at his home. He is elderly and unhealthy. 

Another Need Met!

Thank you Bucks Family Auto Brokers LLC for helping a Navy Veteran get a car! 

This car will change her and her family’s life!  Thank you Buck and all of YOU who so generously donated to HEVIN so that we could help her get this car! We couldn’t do this without the AMAZING support of our community!

“What an incredible group of folks doing incredible things for the most deserving… our Veterans!”

Angel D

Can you help HEVIN help a Vet?

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