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HEVIN is a 501(3)c charity. This means that your donations are 100% tax deductible.

HEVIN utilizies social media to help connect community members with veterans in need.

HEVIN verifies veterans form DD-214 prior to donations given.

HEVIN partners with other non profit organizations to help a veteran in any way possible.

HEVIN is committed to finding local veterans that are in need of any type of assistance.

Some examples of how HEVIN can help are:

  • Services such as: moving, driving to appointments, delivering groceries or medications, home repairs, connecting veterans to other resources such as education, employment, veteran services.
  • Companionship such as: having coffee, talking on the phone, emailing, social media, support groups, counseling.
  • Financial help such as: auto repairs, housing costs, furniture, and other household items, medical expenses.

Our Goals

  • Build awareness of the needs of veterans in our community.
  • Give community members easy access to help veterans on several different levels.

Our Needs

  • Volunteers
  • Tell us if you know about a Veteran in need.


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